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Look Out....Mum's Gone Crackers!

    Hunting The              Beast

​May Never The Dead Reurn

Running With Zombies

The Sandy Brown/Matt Black series......

Sandy Brown and Matt Black. Two young people trying to find some meaning in life. Similar to each other but, at the same time, so very different!


Extract from May Never The Dead Return (A Matt Black mystery)

Mattie, I can’t feel anything anymore. It feels okay now. It’s funny, but I can hardly see you......Dimitri.....Nigel.....you’re my friends.....’
The last words came out on gently escaping air, as if from a slowly deflating balloon. Then Mikey closed his eyes, shivered once, and his whole body went limp.
‘Mikey.......Mikey......Mikey!’ I shouted.
I sat there, shaking Mikey’s shoulder, shouting his name over and over again. And then I stopped and my mind went blank. I tried to call his name again but found that a great big lump of grief had stuck in my throat.
‘Come on, son.....’
I felt a hand on my arm, pulling me up. It was one of the teachers. ‘Shove off,’ I croaked. He pulled again. A white light exploded inside my head.
‘Don’t touch me......don’t you dare touch me,’ I screamed into the man’s face. ‘Don’t you ever tell me what to do again. Can’t you see? My brother is dead!’

 Extract from Hunting The Beast (A Sandy Brown mystery)   
There was a distant shout and my eyes snapped open. The room was flooded by the light of a bright summer moon. Little shadows danced across the carpet and a cool breeze shifted the curtains. Propping myself up on one elbow, I peered out. Open fields stretched everywhere, flat and hard, and beyond them was the wood I had seen.
And there was movement.
Large dots, becoming bigger by the second, a broken necklace of beads. Roughly spaced, they lengthened and turned into men.
Men running steadily towards my grandmother's house, their mouths wide open.
Soon I could hear them shouting.
They carried weapons. The moonlight glinted off huge scythes, hoes, home-made spears and axes, garden forks, spades and long, two-pronged pitchforks.
On and on they came, and I knew that I had to go out and meet them. Stop them doing whatever mischief they had in mind to my gran lying asleep and unaware.

 Extract from Running With Zombies (A Matt Black Mystery)
Dimly lit by the sickly yellow glow of nearby streetlamps was a lad running across the Common towards the safety of some trees. The guy could certainly run; in the warm summer night his spindly legs whirred like bicycle spokes as he sought to escape his nightmarish pursuers.
In front was a round, bouncy kind of man with a shiny, bald head like a pink balloon. Beside him was a small, rat-like chap who ran close to the ground, a long ponytail bouncing across his back. But it was the third creature who fixed Matt's attention.
A juggernaut on legs, he could have scooped up his two companions by their belts and carried them like worn out suitcases without missing a step. His head looked as big as the cardboard box Matt had seen his mum take a new vacuum cleaner out of the other day. Square, angular, and bulky.
Suddenly the giant stopped. He reached both hands up to his face. A peculiar, warbling whistle filled the air. Instantly, like well trained gun-dogs, his two henchmen dropped to the ground. The desperately fleeing lad had almost reached the trees. The big man reached around and clumsily pulled something long and lumpy off his back.
'Flipping' heck, don't tell me…' Matt muttered.
Swiftly the man positioned the object onto one shoulder and sighted along its length. Yes. It was some sort of gun. A rifle. A massive one. This was crazy, the man was going to shoot the lad!



 Extract from "Look Out.....Mum's Gone Crackers!" (A Sandy Brown mystery)
Mum was clutching the steering wheel tightly. Her eyes were dark pools of terror. I noticed she'd eaten another of my chocolate eclairs. The wrapper was tangled up in the wires of her personal stereo which she'd hastily thrown off in her lap.
'What is it, Mum?' I whispered.
'The Dimmers-Lims. They've found us……following right behind,' she croaked.
I looked around. Cars whizzed past. The nearest car behind us was at least half a mile away. It was impossible to make out more than a blur of the people inside, much less identify who or what they were.    
'Are you sure?' Prickles of alarm crawled up my spine. 'Why would these dinner-tims be interested in us anyway?'
'Dimmers-Lims,' Mum corrected. 'They want to kidnap us, of course. Silly girl!'



Poor Mum

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